MacBook Air 11” Review

Since this is my first published review, I’d should mention a little bit about my goals in writing a review. First off, my reviews will not be your typical review that you find on popular tech sites. It won’t be all about the hardware, the warranty, OS or bundled software. My reviews will always focus on how the product can be used, and my opinion of how well it fits any given use case. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.


Ok so I might have fibbed a little bit. In my heart of hearts I am a hardware geek. I love everything about the physical computing gear we use. I have a special appreciation for Apple Computer products simply because they take the time to build quality hardware. The MacBook Air is no exception. It is a solid, well designed computer that does not neglect attractiveness. They keys are well spaced for being such a small laptop and does not feel cramped. The display is crisp and bright and I have nothing but good things to say about the physical hardware of this device. The battery will get me through a full day of meetings and is only bested by the iPad.

My Use Cases

1. As a Network Administrator

In my work environment, I spend a lot of time walking between buildings. I have a network in 14 buildings spread across campus. I have 25 wiring closets in just the large buildings alone. Chances are if I need to go to a wiring closet it is because a network device has failed or needs reconfigured. In this role, with the USB to Ethernet adapter, a USB to serial adapter and an installation of Windows7. the MBA has no competitor. Physically the MBA is just slightly larger than an iPad which makes carrying it around a minor task rather than a full workout like it is with some larger devices. I also find the MBA much easier to deal with on those occasions when you have to stand next to the rack an prop your laptop on something to type.

2. As a Meeting Note Taker

Again, since the device is just slightly larger than an iPad and is instant on and instant off (even with Windows Installed) its portability is unmatched. I also find it great for meetings because you aren’t hiding behind the large screen on a 15” laptop. It even fits in a padfolio as long as you don’t have it crammed with paper first.

3. As a Take Home Alternative to My Full-Size Laptop

This is where the MBA is not my favorite device. While it is much more convenient to carry than a full laptop, most of the time if I’m at home I am doing real work. In this scenario the screen does feel cramped. Also, with such a high resolution screen (which I do like) it is too far away from you when typing on your lap in the living room. However having an instant on device with FULL blown outlook is a wonderful thing. Most of the time I find myself missing a full laptop when I am using it at home.

All said and done I love the MBA. It makes a great supplimental computing device. While I’d propably never purchase one with my own money I find it a valuable asset for certain situations. Let me know what you think in the comments.