What is a Netbook?

As the saying goes, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question I’d be a millionaire by now. Many are of the opinion that a netbook is a small inexpensive computer based on a specific type of hardware. Such as an intel Atom processor, 10-inch screen, and less than $300. I’m going to take a different approach.

Here’s the reason why….

The basic premise behind a netbook is that you have an inexpensive laptop and that store your data in the “cloud.” I would argue that any computer can be used for this purpose, and could technically meet the definition of a netbook. I can buy an intel core 2 duo laptop with 2gb of RAM and a 15″ screen off of ebay for $200. If I treat it as a netbook, and only store my data in the cloud (or a home server for us IT geeks) then I have better performing device, that costs less, and in my opinion is a much better deal.

So next time I’m asked what is a netbook? I’d reply with its all about how you treat your laptop.


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